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Run to the interwebs people… run! All good things come to those who wait… somewhat late to this particular party I looked into picking this up on the secondary market (read: eBay) and it was hundreds of dollars. I declined at the time and bought the regular version. However. In Pearl Jam we trust. They […]

I have had these for ages – thanks to both ebay sellers for sending these on – despite being pre-orders (always dodgy on a limited number item). Just wanted to share “official” collection pics (actually taken on the same day as the Baltimore Comic Con… but have no fear these are San Diego Comic Con […]

Cable & X-Force


Colossus has found a home post AvX… in the pages of Cable & X-Force. What happens to the Phoenix Force or the Cyttorak Juggernaut powers remains to be seen. It is good to see he still has a place in the Marvel Universe… despite the four costume change in as many years! Comic Book Resources […]

As reported here: Tom Brevoort says: Colossus has a murky future post-AvX Ties in with previously stated comments at SDCC 2012. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what’s in store for the Man of Organic Steel! Image shamelessly pulled from

I am exhausted. I am back in the hotel room after an awesome day at the Con. We mosied down to the Convention Center for doors opening at 10am. The queue was massive – literally ten times as long as in 2009 (under similar time circumstances). But it moved quickly and we entered the doors […]