Marvel Universe – Colossus Versus Juggernaut Unmasked


So despite my complaining in the SDCC 2012 News post… I actually own this!

Now in all likelihood I have probably wasted my money buying a pre-released item from a Chinese seller on eBay. It may well appear on the shelves soon… so all I can do is cash in now on the fact I have it before everyone else! (Or in the extremely small probability that I am one of the few who ever gets it – if for some reason it gets cancelled).

It is a pretty cool set – Unmasked Juggernauts seem to be default variant – with Marvel Select also producing one. Colossus is the same sculpt of the 30th Anniversary Uncanny X-Men variant – however he has a repaint – his organic skin is a much darker shade – while not a typical look found in the comics – it does look cool. This is the third variant of Colossus in the Marvel Universe line.

The reprinted & packaged comic book is Uncanny X-Men #102 which was first published in ’76! It’s a classic Bronze Age book.

Anyway it remains to be seen if this gets a release – I’ll double down and get another one if it does (so that I can open it). Hopefully it will!

[Update: July 15] Ok, so I am not the only one… found this on instagram – still seems to be only available on the black market though! (Colossus looks weirdly light grey… although it may be just the photo; is it a variant!?!)

[Update: July 19] It is a variation! See below (pic from:

Look at the difference! It is a light dull grey compared to the dark and shiny metal on the one I have (which is also what the original prototype looked like) What a weird direction to take…

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