SDCC 2012 – Colossus News


The San Diego Comic-Con opened its doors to the public once more. (And unfortunately another year goes by without my attendance – thankfully I will be hitting the Baltimore Con in September!)

Anyway SDCC 2012 is over half way through day one, but news about comics, movies and a years worth of products has started to filter to numerous sites across the interwebs. With Pictures.

As I did last year – I thought I would round up the important news that is of interest. Although I must warn you… there is very little Colossus news of which to speak.


[Update: July 13] The BIG HULK is ultra cool… but the Super Hero Announcements are happening later today!!! Finger’s crossed for more X-Men sets!

LEGO Super Heroes: MARVEL sets and buildable action figures bring scenes of great Marvel characters such as the Avengers, Spider-Man and X-Men to life, in addition to new characters unveiled for the first time in their 2013 LEGO MARVEL Super Heroes minifigure form.

[Update: July 14] Honestly – a five year old could teach Lego a thing or two about marketing this week. In the last twenty four hours I have been keeping a keen check on various websites (including and ended up searching for and stumbling across the above announcements at French site (which in turn took me to

So apart from the CNN coverage of the SDCC 2012 Lego Minifigure exclusives of Phoenix, Shazam, Black Suited Spider-Man (not Venom in this case as was reported) and Bizarro; the actual big Lego Super Heroes reveals ended up being a few minifigures sitting on a table in the con. Could they not have done some sort of slideshow or unveiling? It seems very low key – a lot of the action figure/toy news websites haven’t picked it up at all. All very weird.

While there is no information what sets these are going to be available with – it is very clear that they are tie-ins for the new Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon and Batman (both Arkham City and The Dark Knight Rises are represented). Head over to FBTB for the full line up – but I have selected the few that most interest me:

No X-Men sets then; maybe next year!

Sideshow Toys

Sideshow is not revealing anything Colossus related that we havent seen before – however it would be hard to be upset since they’ve released a Colossus product every year for the last four… including the Premium Format figure which is to be released in the next month.

[Update: July 13] Close Up of Premium Format Colossus

One other Sideshow item that did catch my eye (which I regretfully will not be picking up) is Poison Ivy… awesome sculpt!


Also – while not really SDCC news – as part of the new Marvel Now “scheme” they are cancelling Uncanny X-Men. Which is just stupid.

Hasbro – Marvel Universe

And the trend continues. It is hard not to notice (for me anyway) that the Unmasked Juggernaut / Colossus Greatest Battle Two-Pack is no where to be seen at this years con – while a whole host of others are rolled out. Just what happened to this set? There is still some hope since no announcement has been made of cancellation – at this stage no news is good news.

Couldn’t get a better picture – but Rhino is hiding in the back there – will pick him up.

[Update: July 13] Better Rhino picture:


Hasbro also announced Bonkazonks. This merchandising toy line will include over 100 styles, one of which will be Colossus. See here for more details.

Diamond Select Toys/Art Asylum

And lastly some good news; Avengers Versus X-Men Minimates of course! Still hoping I will obtain one of these.

And indeed one of these:

Also there are some cool pictures floating around of He-Man, Ghostbusters, Turtles, and lots of cool DC stuff. All worth a look.

I’ll update if anything new appears!

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