Superman Returns – Brandon Routh


Just reading some stuff over at – there is an article about do-over-actors in comic book movies here. You can read it for yourself but it is the following extract that I both agree with and could not have worded it better:

Brandon Routh
Let’s just admit this: Brandon Routh was screwed. Of all the things wrong with Superman Returns – and there are a lot of things wrong with that movie – Routh’s performance as either Superman or Clark Kent was not one of them, and the idea that he’d end up tossed on the junk heap along with everything else from that movie in the push to reinvent Superman for a modern audience is kind of depressing. All it takes is a cursory watching of Returns and some imagination to find yourself wishing that he’d been given a real chance to show what he could’ve done as the Man of Steel, and a sadness that we’ll never get to find out.

By Graeme McMillan

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