The Great (Incomplete) Comic Shop Tour of Manchester, UK


I flew into Manchester to see Pearl Jam play the M.E.N. Arena on the first leg (actually second) of their 2012 European Tour… and managed to carve out a few hours to do a whistle-stop tour of Manchester’s Comic Shops. I visited:

  • Forbidden Planet – which was no different really than any other branch. Lots of new merchandise; extremely small back issue section. Only (Colossus-related) cool thing I saw was a matted picture of X-Men #100 and Avengers Mini Muggs.
  • Travelling Man – new indie type shop – lots of new comics and graphic novels, some Warhammer stuff… but pathetic in the back issue department.
  • Paramount Books – see below.

Paramount Books – which I stumbled upon on my way to Forbidden Planet – wasn’t actually a comic shop, but rather a second hand book shop with second hand comics in stock. I walked in to that familiar old book musty smell to see a bunch of randomly filled boxes of comics and a rack close to the counter… where sat a vintage copy of X-Men #98.

Cover for illustration purposes only

I was pretty excited as I approached for a closer look – but I quickly realized I wouldnt be leaving with it. Let me describe it; it was bagged, but not boarded; it was battered, bruised, folded, creased in a large number of places and loose on it’s staples; it was a pence issue; and the price tag was £40 (about $60). It was the condition rather than the price tag that put me off… I felt I could get a better copy with that sort of money… I have since checked and my instinct was correct – there are a number of better graded copies on ebay for sale.

Anyway the other shops were all modern comic shops – just new stock – which is always disappointing!

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