Spot The Difference


Don’t spend more than a few secs…

Give up?

The above two images are exactly the same; but they represent a massive difference in pricing for the same book.

I bought a copy (say, the one on the left) a few months ago for 50 bucks from a seller on evilBay; and the second (say, the one on the right) I saw yesterday in my local comic shop for… wait for it… 6 dollars!

Other than the HULK-RAGE inside me when being so duped… my mind immediately calculates that if I buy the one at 6 dollars then I have bought two copies for 56 dollars… just a mere 27 dollars (*vomit*) each… thereby reducing my initial mistake by about 20 bucks. Make’s sense, right?

I did it anyway without your judgement… 🙂

I am Butler; and I am a collector. And the interwebs is my support group.

One Response to “Spot The Difference”

  1. damn… ya ebay prices often do seem inflated

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