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Well, despite huge frustrations with the broken online shop and getting annoyed with support, I did indeed make it to 900! In fact as you see below I am gold broke… despite being owed 2400 Gold which represents the two times I have tried to buy Avengers Iron Man and the shop failed! So when […]

I flew into Manchester to see Pearl Jam play the M.E.N. Arena on the first leg (actually second) of their 2012 European Tour… and managed to carve out a few hours to do a whistle-stop tour of Manchester’s Comic Shops. I visited: Forbidden Planet – which was no different really than any other branch. Lots […]

This showcase is a little different in that I actually own a signed print of it – although I can’t remember who the artist is or when I purchased it! It was on eBay and a few years ago now to the best of my recollection… anyway it is a pretty cool meld between The […]

Remember this; nearly a year ago the Colossus/Juggernaut Two Pack was announced at San Diego Comic Con – for release in September 2011. Well it didn’t happen… delays, shifting of dates and rumors of cancelation are still rampant. The latest date I’ve seen is July 2012 which I am hoping will hold up… and as […]

Don’t think about it… follow the link and vote for Colossus! Official Press Release This year, Diamond Select Toys is all about letting the fans choose. With the Marvel Minimates Series 50 Fan Poll in its final week at, yet another poll has launched over at! This fall, the Website — as well […]

Don’t spend more than a few secs… Give up? The above two images are exactly the same; but they represent a massive difference in pricing for the same book. I bought a copy (say, the one on the left) a few months ago for 50 bucks from a seller on evilBay; and the second (say, […]

I have a love/hate thing about variant covers… I like the alternative art; but dislike the pricing and availablity. Despite that I have been picking up some of the variants for the AvX mini-series… and Round 5 features The Colossonaut Vs The Thing. And as if that is not enough Dale Keown – one of […]

I’ve just purchased my tickets for Saturday… here Unfortunately I can only make it on Saturday this year so I am going to have be well organised in what I want to achieve. Current thoughts would be: Meet Stan Lee in some shape or form… never been wild about autographs but would like to get […]

It has taken a while – nearly four weeks – to rank up another century. The squad now sits at a very respectable 800 with the addtions of Ant Man, Giant Man, Punisher and Nick Fury all MAXed out; and Tuxedo Thing, Spider-Woman and Iron Patriot in progress. I tried to patiently wait for the […]