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There is a battle being fought on facebook: It’s Colossus Vs Spider-Man. I voted. It is time you did too… (vote for Colossus!) The current standings (after my vote)

The Marvel Heroes MMO is building steam… following on from a redesigned website, logo (see above) and the launch of the first trailer – they have kindly made all the model sheets available  including the man of organic steel… click below to embiggen! While I am not a big fan of the romper suit – […]

They have twitter announced Colossus for the upcoming MMO game – Marvel Heroes! See their news article here: See the Colossus character page here: (Notice it lists the costume as “Modern”… presumably that means we’ll see the Classic (and prefered) costume eventually) Colossus can be seen in the reveal trailer above – seconds […]

I’ve spent my 50 bucks… have you?

I am loving these oversized Marvel Select figures… but they really do announce them early – the newest in the line is Spider-Man villan – the Rhino! Available early 2013. Here is the official blurb… The Hulk. The Thing. The Abomination. The Juggernaut. Diamond Select Toys’ oversized Marvel Select action figures have been dazzling collectors […]

I purposely omitted the stats from the last update as I promised myself I would not post until I got to a Squad Rank of 700. But I was so pleased with myself that I had saved enough Gold to buy the new character(s) and discounted characters on the release day that I had to […]

It has been a long wait… I previewed Marvel Select’s Abomination back in 2010 (here). I stumbled upon this when I was last at my LCS. There was joy in my heart as I saw it on the rack – the box was in good shape and when I lifted this figure for a close […]

Quote of the day: “I am throwing money at the screen and nothing is happening!?!” My love for Bungie is stronger than my love for Halo – but I can’t help but get excited by Halo 4. Look at the pretty packaging… it’s gorgeous!

Late to the party again… but better late than never. Kevin Smith – who continues to be one of my favorite people of all time – has completed another special for EPIX. It’s particularly great and quite inspirational. Watch it now on epix here. Previous Kevin Smith stuff: Comic Book Men Kevin Smith – Too […]