Avengers Vs X-Men


[Prelude] I don’t know when it happened or what the tipping point was; but I stopped reading and collecting comics a few years ago. The factors include but are not limited to; cost, storage space, the numbering system (more on that someother time), One More Day, art/writing changes and the fact that nothing good lasts…

Anyway I dip in to CBR and Newsarama every now and again, along with more regularly frequenting The Bendis Board. I visit my LCS occasionally; and I still buy the odd book every now and again. Are we appropriately teed up? Good.

Marvel’s latest event is Avengers Vs X-Men; which having no background too seems very similar to Civil War… but no matter… watching our favourite heroes slug it out every issue is very welcome. Now I know Colossus has merged (is that the right word?) into The Juggernaut. Which is cool.

[Sidebar] I just missed out on securing this:

I was in contact with Fanfare and they still had it – but it was reserved for someone (lucky person) and I was next in line if they didnt pony up the dough. They did. End of Story.

Anyway; AvX – So I know that Colossus is involved from the preview covers and will be battling Rulk.

But I have also just stumbled upon this crazy-awesome preview on Comic Book Resources:

AND! Colossus will also be squaring off against the Thing:

Looks like it is going to be an awesome summer of comics! I have already picked up AvX #0 and #1 from my surrogate LCS.

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