Man Of Steel


Hmm… I am utterly conflicted. While I think the image above is cool… it isn’t really what I think Superman should be. I am not sure on the title or the suit (google it – it is all over the web).

I am a fan of Zack Synder – 300, Dawn of The Dead and Watchmen were all excellent – Sucker Punch was a seed of a reasonably good concept (the trailer was awesome) but unfortunately it didnt playout that well, the acting was poor and it all felt a bit weird and lacklustre in the end.

Looking back at Superman Returns – the logo of which I adored (see below) – I was definitely more excited by early released images which showed the rich look of the suit, the man (of steel) and that of Metropolis. Brandon Routh was great – dare I say perfect – in the role (yes better than Christopher Reeve imho).

It too fell short of greatness – Kate Bosworth was horribly miscast – despite a few good scenes and action sequences. Mr Singer was perhaps too close to that of the Richard Donner movies to make a sucessful reboot of the series – but it does sit reasonably well within the canon.

So what does all that mean? Well I will still look forward to seeing Superman on the silver screen – but my hopes aren’t high. I’ll probably rewatch Superman Returns or flick through the Making Of on the DVD (it is actually a pretty good documentary despite Bryan Singer’s strange behaviour at times).

I’ll be more than happy to recant my concern if Man Of Steel is good… I very much hope it will be.

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