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I continue to march my squad closer to the new goal of a Squad Ranking of 1000. My thinking is that the new challenges whenever they are released will undoubtably include one or more “ranking-up” challenge. So I might as well get started! Weirdly as I wrote the words in the last update regarding spending […]

Since I have unlocked 40 characters and spent time ranking them up the levels I thought it would fun to share my top ten favorite heroes to play in the game. I am not including mission play as a factor (since I haven’t really played many missions) and so the factors are asthetic, movement, ability, […]

I finally picked this up on evilbay – as the post title eloquently suggests; this is a giant sized heroclix and apparently is “super rare”. There are about 20 available to buy on the ‘bay so it can’t be that rare (or no one else wants it!). Anyway it is pretty detailed for what it […]

By kizer180. Loving the angular style! Found on deviantart. Previous Showcase Art: Showcase X – The Proletarian by blo0p Showcase IX – Futurama X-Men Meld Showcase VIII Showcase VII Showcase VI Showcase V Showcase IV Showcase III Showcase II Showcase I

From the pages of Avengers Vs X-Men #2: Magneto and Colossus combination attack!

After many hours of wandering around aimlessly looking for hero-up tokens – I finally hit a rank of 540! It was my intention to take a glorious screenshot with “540” emblazoned in that lime-yellow color but by unlocking Future Foundation Spider-Man it immediately eclipsed that number and add a +3 rank on. So I kept […]

The Two Doctors


I went on a pilgramage to my local comic shop yesterday – to absorb the nerdiness severly lacking in everyday life and search for Uncanny X-Men (recent) back issues. There was actually a sale on Marvel Universe figures – and while they didnt have that many different ones… they had these at half price: How […]

Marvel Squinkies (by Blip Toys) exist… they appear to be pencil-top squishy “things” however they are apparently very collectable and sell like hotcakes! Like every good X-Men toy line – Colossus is represented. Anounced on in November 2011 – I purchased a couple of X-Men packs from a seller in Hong Kong. Colossus is […]

Looky looky. I love these tumblers – but they’ve been unbelievably difficult to acquire as they are printed in limited runs and once the run has sold that’s it. So they have a pretty awesome resale value. I picked up the clear glass version of this way back in December 2010 when my brother very […]