Comic Book Men


Have you seen this show?

Admittedly I am a big fan of Kevin Smith – although I am more of a fan of the man rather than his filmedic output. I am much more interested in his standup, his commentary, his writing about his life and his fictional work for Marvel and DC. So I am somewhat biased.

However – Comic Book Men – which has received many scathing reviews (some of which I found while looking for the image above) – is, in fact, a work of genius. The unscripted show works on a number of levels; the least of which is a massive commercial for Jay & Silent Bob’s Secret Stash (Kevin Smith’s own store). It’s funny; combining a visual internet radio discussion (in an awesome studio) with time in the store where the weird and wonderful world of comics & movie collectables are bought and sold (and turned away). It taps into the culture of collector-dom and has some fun with it.

These are my people.

Comic Book Men airs on Sunday’s on AMC.

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