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I continue to waste spend time running around the Daily Bugle and the Baxter Building looking for weird little robots and character trophies trying to rank up the Butler Clock squad. Things of note; I have now unlocked Beast and Iceman – two of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. I am working on […]

Comic Book Men


Have you seen this show? Admittedly I am a big fan of Kevin Smith – although I am more of a fan of the man rather than his filmedic output. I am much more interested in his standup, his commentary, his writing about his life and his fictional work for Marvel and DC. So I […]

Progress as severely slowed as I now “own” Colossus. I guess it represents the first item in the virtual Colossus Collection. Since the unlock – which was not long after the last post – I have been working on ranking up the Squad – the man of organic steel included. Have Maxed out his XP […]