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I have been playing for a week now – almost everyday (to ensure I picked up the free stuff…) and from what I can tell – the fastest way to build a squad, earn gold and xp is to play about an hour a day. Gold on the Wheel of Fortune is unlocked daily; the […]

I loathe the 3D cinema experience – I thought Avatar was an incredibly poor movie for story/plot and three dimensions. It remains the first and last movie I have watched in modern 3D. I paid my ten dollars apiece to see Thor and Captain America – The First Avenger in old fashioned 2D. However; It […]

I just found this on (here) Kinda cool – but also kinda weird… if I had $25 to spend so frivolously I’d buy it!

While a bit late to the party – I have discovered Marvel’s Super Hero Squad Online – and while a complete waste of time – it is a pretty fun game. It is a bit like a Lego game – you run around collecting tokens, stars and tickets – you can play missions, card games […]

Check out blo0p’s art here –  lots of other X-Men and other super heroes available!

After 5 seasons;  the nerd-spy-action-comedy-adventure creation of Josh Schwartz (The OC) and Chris Fedak is over. The 2007 pilot season was a good one – but there were two shows that stood out for me – Life and Chuck. I still remember watching the unaired pilot of Chuck (which had a temporary music cues stripped from John […]