C is for Colossus


Found this online – the Super Hero Alphabet!

A is for Captain America
B is for Batman
C is for Colossus
D is for Daredevil
E is for Elektra (easy once you’ve figured it out!)
F is for The Flash
G is for The Green Arrow
H is for The Incredible Hulk
I is for Iron Man
J is for The Joker
K is for Kitty “Shadow Cat” Pryde
L is for Loki
M is for Magneto
N is for Nightcrawler
O is for Doctor Octopus
P is for The Punisher
Q is for Quicksilver
R is for Robin
S is for Spider-Man
T is for Thor
U is for Union Jack
V is for Venom
W is for Wolverine
X is for Professor Xavier
Y is for Yellow Jacket
Z is for Zatanna

One Response to “C is for Colossus”

  1. I would like to buy those fonts — how do I do that

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