Lego – minifigures – Series 4


My complete set of Lego minifigures series 4 arrived today. I marveled at the quality, detail and diversity as I built the 16 plastic men and women that make up the latest series (actually series 5 is out already).

I thought I’d rank the 16 in order for fun!

So in worf order (that’s worst-first to all you people not in the aerospace industry).

The Bottom Six
16. The Female Ice Skater – the dress doesn’t sit nicely – the face and hair are just too over the top.
15. Kimono Girl – despite some intricate detail – I don’t like the “brick” dress. And sort of boring.
14. Sailor – aka the Cheeky Sailor. Don’t like it…
13. Skater Boy – clothing too drab.
12. Gnome – nice beard and head – rest is silly.
11. Mad Scientist – filler anyone?
The Top Ten
10. Rocker – “nice hair”.
09. Barbarian – Cool face. Axe in two parts though.
08. Soccer Player – solid sports addition.
07. Musketeer – solid job. Cool rapier.
06. Frankenstein’s Monster – pretty good, shame the head piece has such a big step. No neck bolt.
05. Werewolf – narrowly beats out Frankenstein’s Monster.
04. The Artist – beats out the monster combo just. The paint stains on the clothes add authenticity.
The Top Three
03. Surfer Girl – Sometimes simple is best. Like the hair, smirk, and wetsuit detail.
02. Hazmat Guy – Classic bright orange suit with awesome radiation suit printed on.
01. Ice Hockey Player – Cool color, pads, ice hockey stick, and awesome Wolf detail. This is without a doubt my favourite minifig of Series 4.

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