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It was a nostalgic day all round… It started with a viewing of the new Thundercats cartoon (which I’ll mention next time) and continued with a trip to the movie theatre to see Captain America (in 2D). I am not too cool to say that the critically-panned direct-to-video 1990 Captain America movie starring Matty Salinger […]

Honestly this is the stuff of Science Fiction. Twenty years ago I played this in an actual arcade on a machine the size of most fridge freezers. Now I can play it on my mobile phone! Konami have released it for 99c on iTunes (here). The controls are pretty good and due to the size […]

Following on from the image of Colossus putting on the Juggernaut helmet – Marvel have released the cover to Uncanny X-Men #543 showing the Unstoppable Colossus! Pretty cool looking… we still have months to go before getting this though… October I think. While I generally am not a fan of character mash-ups or crossovers or […]

The unbelievable has happened. Lego have signed with Marvel & DC to produce a range of (primarly) mini figs. (It is not that unbelievable actually… Lego have had previous deals for Batman, Spider-Man and Disney properties (Toy Story etc)… and their range of mini fig collections have done very well). I was painting up mini figs as […]

I wish I was in San Diego… there’s a number of Colossus related items and news! X-Men #1 – 20th Anniversary Edition – Recolored by Tom Mason Which looks awesome and it means we’ll see a new version of my favorite Jim Lee Colossus image!   Marvel Universe Greatest Battles Comic Packs – Colossus vs. […]

Pretty cool eh? One of a kind – sitting in the Marvel offices – Found here

This is my home office in 2003. Note: The cream pc (built from parts and pulled apart due to an unstable cpu board), mass of wires and 3.5″ floppy drive! The square screened laptop. The extremely uncomfortable office chair. James Bond DVD’s on the top shelf – Star Trek: The Next Generation on the middle […]

While I have always been a Marvel guy – the allure of Batman and his rogue’s gallery is strong. The first official teaser poster for the awkwardly titled The Dark Knight Rises has been released and it is awesome. See below: