[Preview] Marvel Select: Colossus


Finally! It had been rumored with the Magneto figure… but now it is official – the next figure from Diamond Select Toys is the Man of Organic Steel!

And the blurb:

“The best-selling Marvel Select line is proud to add to the hit Danger Room sub-line! This time the mightily muscled Russian mutant, Colossus, makes his Marvel Select debut in all his oversized glory!

Based on the iconic heart and soul of so many X-Men teams, the metal-skinned mutant comes with the classic robotic vise Danger Room obstacle, in scale with all previous Danger Room accessories!

Colossus includes Marvel Select’s standard 16 points of articulation and measures over 8″ in height.

You can combine Colossus’ base with those of Gambit and Cyclops (each sold separately) to form a Danger Room diorama!”

Now I must say – the sculpt isn’t as good as I’d hoped – it is certainly not Juggernaut standard. The face is… weird and the diaphragm split makes it look quite disjointed. But it is new Colossus figure… so it’s hard not to be excited!

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