May Mega Post


I’ve signed up for a twitter account – @butlertoys – mainly to publicize the site. Follow me and get updated when I add or edit content.

I picked up Marvel Select: Juggernaut which has to be one of the best action figures ever made. The size, articulation and detail are outstanding.

(Apologies for the awful flash photography…)

I also picked up the Juggernaut Variant (sans helmet) and The Thing (which I must admit being disappointed with – the sculpt is not right – too bulky in places – the head too small and no 4 logo on the belt which was in promotional images).

XBOX Update
Working my way through the first Portal (on the Orange Box disc) and Lego Star Wars III: The Clone Wars.

Looking forward to Duke Nukem, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean, Arkham City, SSX Deadly Descent, MW3 and Portal 2.

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