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I don’t often mention music but this is just too awesome – it premiered last night on Zane Lowe’s BBC Radio 1 show – it evokes the 80’s, 90’s and just awesomeness!

Had to pick this up – my love for Peter Parker’s women continues with the completely inappropriate fan voted Mary Jane figure. Just like the Slave Leia figure – there must be some warped minds in our brethren. I voted, I bought, I am one of us. Anyway – it is a pretty edition to […]

I’ve added another X-Men to the collection – the formidable Beast. The big blue furball is a favorite of mine – and this figure is awesome in size and detail.

May Mega Post


I’ve signed up for a twitter account – @butlertoys – mainly to publicize the site. Follow me and get updated when I add or edit content. Collectables I picked up Marvel Select: Juggernaut which has to be one of the best action figures ever made. The size, articulation and detail are outstanding. (Apologies for the […]

It is hard to keep track of the posts… turns out I haven’t actually posted about this figure before (so look out for that). This action figure – shipped all the way from Hong Kong – is a prototype of Colossus belonging to the X-Men Origins: Wolverine movie line. The sculpt is fine but there […]

I’m not sure how it happened but I completely missed the boat here and only realised that there was another “Evening With Kevin Smith” recently. Rebranded and available exclusively on the internet via ePix (well officially that’s the only source) it was recorded for his 40th birthday. And it’s good… in fact I’d say it […]

I’ve had this statue in my possession for nearly a year now – but don’t think I have posted about it before. Direct from Brazil – this is 14″ of awesomeness. It is obviously an unlicensed kit – which while I dislike supporting is pretty great. Of what little I know of it – I […]

Picked up another print – this one is by Julie Bell. It was originally commissioned for the Marvel Masterpieces Trading Card line in 1993 – This was for card #38.