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After finally getting round to posting about the ToyBiz Colossus figures – I thought I’d like to pick up a few of my other favorite characters. The first one to be added to the collection is Iceman. Pathetically small image aside – this is a great sculpt of a character that doesn’t lend itself well […]

The ToyBiz X-Men could arguably be one of the greatest action figure lines – the late 80’s, early 90’s was a golden age for carded blister packs of 6″ plastic armies based on comics, cartoons and film. In 1991, ToyBiz crafted a line that was fun, articulated (enough) for play, and had some decent sculpts […]

This just popped up online – a very awesome and massive diorama kit of Colossus taking on Juggernaut. – 1/6 scale – Approx. 24″ high with the base – Custom made – Made with high grade fiberglass reinforced resin very durable and light weight! There’s no way I can afford another hundreds of dollars purchase […]

Picked this cool piece up recently – This is an original Animation Color Guide by Russ Heath. Russ worked as one of the head designers for Filmation, Hanna-Barbera and Stan lee media, and while working for Filmation, he was the head designer for the 1987 X-Men cartoon; Pryde of the X-Men. This is an 8 […]



Promo images of the unreleased Marvel Attacktix Battle Masters: Colossus & Magneto.

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Butler Inventory – Jonathan Cape Hardbacks Thunderball – 1983 Printing Goldfinger – Third Impression – Dust Cover You Only Live Twice – 1st Printing On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – Third Impression The Man With The Golden Gun – Third Impression Octopussy And The Living Daylights – 1st Printing – Dust Cover The Spy Who […]