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Your Highness


It’s been a while since the last non-Colossus post… but I just came across this trailer for new medieval comedy Your Highness It looks awesome! And the best (new) red band trailer – available here:

Picked this up from a seller online – a print from 1993 signed by the legendary Dave Cockrum (visual creator of Colossus) in gold pen! Measures 8′ x 12′ and definitely one to get framed.

I am on vacation in Texas this week – and popped into the local Wal-Mart… They had about 10 HoH packs – after carefully looking in the clear blister of each one – I couldn’t see a Colossus – but I suddenly noticed that you could actually see the “Super secret figure inside” through a small gap […]

More plastic nonsense from Marvel and Hasbro… The Handful of Heroes are randomly filled blister-packs of little uni-colored (that a word?) plastic injection-molded collectable toys/models! Not sure what the target audience of these are… but there are three variants of each character – solid, “clear” and sparkley. I ebayed for just the Colossus variants: However the […]

What the hell is a fathead? Well I found this site which creates (I think) and sells wall graphics – they mostly stock sports team logos but have a range of Marvel and DC logos and characters and to my great delight they have a very cool vintage Colossus… …with logo. I must try to […]