Sideshow: Colossus Comiquette (Exclusive)


The FedEx van dropped off the latest entry to The Collection mid-week. I’ve been so busy I didn’t crack open the familiar brown shipper until this morning… It’s hard to beat the new smell of cardboard, polystrene and paint.

I believe this piece is the first produced item with the new suit (see here from the Astonishing X-Men failed reboot) although the Wolverine movie Fastball Special tie-in had the new pants. I’ll be honest – I don’t like it much, it looks a bit like a baby romper suit.

And I dont like the metal face much – I am not alone in this – head to any of the statue forum’s and read it from nearly everyone. However I must say that from a slight distance it looks fine. The alternative is to display it with the alternate ‘human’ head – but frankly it looks odd with metal arms. Not a very well thought odd Exclusive addition.

Having said all that; the statue is pretty awesome when you view it as a whole – it’s shear size, quality and pose are all top notch. It’s a great addition to the collection.

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