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Lego Colossus I


See here for more Lego X-Men.

The FedEx van dropped off the latest entry to The Collection mid-week. I’ve been so busy I didn’t crack open the familiar brown shipper until this morning… It’s hard to beat the new smell of cardboard, polystrene and paint. I believe this piece is the first produced item with the new suit (see here from […]

I purchased a couple of Johnny Lightning cars last Autumn. The first is a ’55 Chevy Cameo pimped out to style of Uncanny X-Men #211. Colossus appears on the side panel of the pickup truck between Wolverine and (what I can only assume is a rather redder than usual) Storm. Note: Issue 211 is a notable one […]

Sideshow Communicates Your pre-order of the Colossus Comiquette Excl (2001061) will be arriving into our US warehouse in approximately 10 days at which time we will charge your card for the item. Please verify that your shipping address and payment information are correct on your order by Friday, January 14, 2011 through your online account. […]

I ordered this before Christmas and it arrived yesterday. It’s a really cool 100 piece jigsaw (sealed box) that shows some of my favourite X-Men; Colossus vs Juggernaut, Angel, Apocalypse, Nightcrawler, Woverine and Cyclops battling Magneto (in a similar pose to X-Men #1)