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The are a number of talented artists online doing amazing papercraft work. I found this awesome paper model of Colossus over at Uncanny X-Paper. I’ve re-published the Colossus design sheets below – but if you are thinking of making it; I urge you to check it out from the source and see the other amazing […]

Starting now I am going to do a monthly comic update. I realized that I spend most time on collectables and have let the source material slide. The plan is to each month pick 5 to 10 books that I own or have recently bought and post the cover images here and update the comics […]

My Exclusive Sideshow Colossus Legendary Scale Bust arrived today! It’s number 61 of 175.

Saw these on ebay… a completely ridiculous pair of custom made Colossus boots: Quite horrendous… (but fairly accurate)

Sculpted by Erick Sosa, the enormous Colossus stands over 15 inches tall! He’s perfectly in scale (1/6th) with the other Danger Room Sessions members, and like them stands upon a unique Danger Room holographic environment with the shattered remains of a torn up Sentinel robot! X-MEN DANGER ROOM SESSIONS COLOSSUS FINE ART STATUE Available May, […]

There is a much more comprehensive library here:



I found another cat Colossus here. There is little info other than the artists name; David Ortiz.

I picked up this variant on ebay – part of the vampire storyline that is going on in the books at the moment. It has beautiful art work by one of my favorite artists Mike Mayhew. I found this over at comicartfans: