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Every once in a while I surf the net looking for Colossus related oddities – this is no exception: Allow me to introduce you to COLOSSUS T. CAT! Art by David Peterson (Mouse Guard)

The third big purchase in September finally arrived! It is, of course, the regular edition of the X-Men Evolution Colossus. While I tend to like painted over chrome in my other statues; I must say in this case I far prefer the chromed look. Anyway it is a nice edition to the collection. It’s one […]

Title says it all really but cool promo video here. Colossus was a playable character in this pretty awesome arcade game from the 90’s. They took some artistic license with his powers – in this game he could project a wave of energy knocking out/down any opponents in range. The coolest part… the roar while […]

The second parcel arrived this week. This time it is the rather more commercial, but the almost-as-rare Chrome version of Colossus from the X-Men Evolution line. I’ve been waiting over a year for one of these to pop up in a forum or on ebay (it appeared on ebay in the end). Produced by Hard Hero.