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This is the first of three Colossus purchases I made in September (and the first to arrive in the mail). It’s a pretty awesome chromed kit of the big man himself. While it’s not the most commerical pose… it’s an excellent and detailed sculpt. Here’s some of the blurb (with some minor tweaking) the seller had on […]

Koto have just teased a new awesome-looking Colossus statue on statuemarvels. No other info yet (other than these are old pics).

Black Cat is one of my favorite characters in the Marvel Universe. The moment I saw this – this was a must have. It is my first Legendary Scale Bust from Sideshow – Colossus will be the second – I think this is one of the best statues/busts out there – they’ve captured her beauty […]

Remember this post way back in 2008 whch listed an upcoming Marvel Legends Titanium model by Hasbro. Well it was never released; but amazingly I managed to snag these prototypes (for a relative steal on eBay): They seem to have a more prominent slant to the pose than the originally releasely photo.