X-Men: First Class sounds shit


I hate Hollywood. I do. I hate it. For all the reasons I love it; when it doesn’t work… love turns to hate.

Rumors have started to appear about the Matthew Vaughn directed, Bryan Singer produced, X-Men: First Class – I’ll let you go hunt them out; good place to start is aintitcool.com [sidebar: I actually dont believe a word Harry says these days… he is far to involved with the industry now to provide an objective fan review… but there are still some good info to be found on the pages.]

First thing is first… this very much appears to be a prequel rather than a reboot. I hate prequels – name me a good prequel? (Ok so Temple of Doom is technically one – but it was shot before the word was concieved and didnt conform to the (shitty) rules… if you swapped the dates round at the start no one would know… anyway I digress).

A reboot these days is a more acceptable franchaise saver… think Bond, Batman… Star Trek. (However the Spider-Man reboot also sounds shit… 28 year-old Andrew Garfield is a terrible choice…. and no Mary Jane? WTF?)

What I wanted from an X-Men: First Class movie was simply this – the original line up of X-Men: Cyclops, Marvel Girl, Ice-Man, Beast & Angel with Xavier and Magneto going head to head. It be cool to set it in the 60’s but it wasn’t necessary. (XFC is going to be set in the 60’s).

Instead we are getting some weird line up… and throwing the kitchen sink of characters at it as usual.

Anyway… I’ll watch it for one reason, and one reason alone:

January Jones, I love you.

Update 1: X-Men First Class was awesome. I am an idiot.
Update 2: Amazing Spider-Man trailer looks great too.

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