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Moneyball – baseball tale of the Oakland A’s front office based on Michael Lewis’ book. Brad Pitt starring. Sucker Punch – “Alice in Wonderland with machine guns” says it all. Zack (Dawn Of The Dead, 300, Watchmen) Snyder directs. The Social Network – while I’ve no love for facebook, Sorkin wrote it, Fincher directed it. […]

I hate Hollywood. I do. I hate it. For all the reasons I love it; when it doesn’t work… love turns to hate. Rumors have started to appear about the Matthew Vaughn directed, Bryan Singer produced, X-Men: First Class – I’ll let you go hunt them out; good place to start is [sidebar: I actually […]

In the run up to SDCC I completely missed the notices going out from Sideshow regarding the pre-order of the Colossus Comiquette. I caught the wait list for the exclusive the day after it sold-out/was released. I checked my email this morning and my wait list has been ‘activated’ into a real order. I am […]

This is perhaps the most outrageous item in my collection – a New Era Colossus cap. There’s really not much to say about it other than it is red, yellow & silvery and I’d never wear it out in public (well or in private for that matter). It is however pretty cool that a character […]

To mark Smitty’s 40th Birthday – another Inaction figure has appeared at It has some great detail – I think it is the first time we get a pattern on the pants. The 37 +3 is a nice touch. Happy Birthday Sir!