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Sucker Punch


Fuck. Yes. The awesome music is Lord Of Acid – ‘The Crab Louse. I ordered their Voodoo-U album (with banned artwork) from evilbay – the song is peppered with angry-woman-singing about std’s and the like… however the rockin’ tune is all there. “Alice In Wonderland with machine guns“

Yay! A new Kevin Smith Inaction figure has appeared at Jay&SilentBob’s Secret Stash! And it’s Black & White and he’s sporting the classic “Clerks” tee-shirt. I’ve ordered mine.

This has just sold on evilbay for $133.50 – I did bid but to be honest I am not too worried I didnt win it. It is apparently a unique statue and it is pretty cool looking – but I do try to stick to licensed products. Actually I wasnt that big a fan of […]

July Haul


I know it is early for a July haul post – but I reckon I’ve received most of the new stuff this month already. Here goes: Kevin Smith “Jersey Rules” New York Comic-Con figure Star Trek McCoy 12″ figure (a steal at $5) Colossus statue kit (“Indestructible” by Veritas) Dr. Henry Jones Snr Last Crusade figure McFarlane Simpsons […]

The first shot of the Sideshow Colossus Comiquette has appeared online. Should be scheduled for release Q1 2011 I think. Looks pretty good even with the baby-grow jump-suit 🙂