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I had previously reported on the upcoming Colossus figure here. Well time has passed and a few weeks ago Wave 8 (2010) was released and started appearing online. I evilbayed for the Juggernaut, Arcangel and of course, Colossus. I’ve been picking up a few of these as I went along – if I liked the character or […]

Rookie Blue


I’ve just finished watching the first episode of new cop series Rookie Blue. While it is uneven and mostly cheese-filled tv cliche… there is ultimate redemption in the form of hot babe Missy Peregrym. She is utterly adorable. I’ll be tuning in next week to see how she gets on…

The light was pretty good today so I took a few shots of Firestar at the window.

I was tidying up this morning and came across the unopened promo pack of the incredibly-lengthy-titled “Marvel Heroes Magnetic Xtreme Discs MXD Promo Pack“. It states on the packet – one launcher and three discs – I immediately got the urge to open it. Maybe Colossus is in there – maybe I’ve had him all […]

Just got the Sideshow Newsletter. Apparently the Exclusive edition of the Colossus LSB is going to be very limited… a mere 175 pieces. Glad I got my pre-order in early! Black Cat, Grey Hulk were 300, Captain America 400 and yet Thor was only 150.

Picked up another MXD twin launcher pack… 10 Light Blue duplicates and 10 mostly new white discs. The best of which being Beast, Banner and Maestro Hulk. As usual, no Colossus; As always I’ve updated the master checklist here.

I have a thing for Spider-Man’s women; MJ, FH and Angelica Jones! And Bowen Designs have just produced images of there new bust Firestar! Instantly fell in love with this piece – definitely be picking this up.

Bender as Colossus! And now the full meld – also featuring Fry as Cyclops! Click for massive version! Futurama X-Men Meld by gottabecarl

The first images of the Captain America costume have been released and I am pretty pleased with the look. Every much modeled on Ultimate Cap – it is a much more functional costume than the chainmail of old or indeed the spandex of the 1990 movie. Favourite innovation – the red harness. Least favorite piece […]