I finally sat down and watched Fringe. And it is great, great television.

While The X-Files was a much loved phenomenon, Mulder and Scully were for the most part fairly unlikable characters; both lonely orphan’s roaming the world, and the paranormal, looking for answers that never came. I was a huge X-Files fan; but I must admit that it was somewhat grim and alien (pun not intended).

Fringe suceeds, or to be more precise, has suceeded in being a more grounded, character-driven journey. And it provides answers to many of the questions it poses in its mythology (something The X-Files and indeed Lost failed to do). I guess that is the key; the scientific nature of the show allows answers without destroying the illusion. But the real genius is how much better the two seasons appear (and perception is everything) to tell a coherant story outlined as far back as the pilot episode. That being said – with the recent Season 2 conclusion – with a number of answers; Season 3 would appear to have been setup as an Act 2.

The cast deserve huge credit also – particularly John Noble. It is a pleasure to watch him play, and I mean play, with the forgetful, loveable, deeply-flawed, insane child that Walter has become.

Anna Torv, I love you.

There is a great site that contains the secrets, easter eggs and sightings. But only look there after you’ve watched the first two seasons:

I am very much looking forward to the third season on in the Fall 2010.

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