Wanted: UDA Heroic Moments X-Men Danger Room Colossus Statue


You get all that? UDA is Upper Deck Fine Art. Heroic Moments is a fairly unnecessary subtitle. X-Men. Now we are getting somewhere and Danger Room. Cool. And finally – all I want is the Colossus section.

I am not convinced these were actually produced — most of the time you can find some post-release information about something somewhere on the web. The only sources of information about this series of statues is the previews pre-release information (see below) and a couple of badly run internet shops that still list it as in-stock/available – starstore.com and tisinc99.com you have been named and shamed.

I emailed Upper Deck about it – but no reply yet. I doubt this will ever surface, but I am adding it to the wanted page.

Here is the Diamonds Previews description (from PREVIEWS VOL. XVI #8):

Upper Deck Fine Art proudly presents the Danger Room, as it was depicted in the classic John Byrne period of the Uncanny X-Men. This first release in the “Heroic Moments” sculpt series contains seven interlocking pieces that are sold separately but fit together to bring the Danger Room to life. Figures in the dioramas are roughly 4″ – 5″ tall, but when all of the pieces and walls are connected, the Danger Room stands over 20″ tall! Choose from: Angel, Colossus, Kitty Pryde, Nightcrawler, Storm, Wolverine, and the Observation Deck (which comes with Cyclops, Professor X, and Jean Gray).
Scheduled to ship in November 2006. (4407) (C: 0-1-3)
ANGEL (50744)—Statue SRP: $24.99
COLOSSUS (50736)—Statue SRP: $29.99
KITTY PRYDE (50746)—Statue SRP: $24.99
NIGHTCRAWLER (50740)—Statue SRP: $29.99
OBSERVATION DECK (50748)—Statue SRP: $39.99
STORM (50742)—Statue SRP: $24.99
WOLVERINE (50738)—Statue SRP: $29.99

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