Sideshow: Mary Jane Comiquette


Here we are at a mile-stone. This is my 100th post and you would think I would have made it Colossus related? Not this time – when I gravitated back to this blog I decided I’d post what I wanted and when I wanted to – it was too restrictive before only posting about Colossus. Anyway 100 posts in and the blog is more the way I wanted it.

I love Mary Jane. I do. In fact she is one of my favorite characters in the whole Marvel Universe. She is one of the major factors to what makes Spider-Man such a good character – it really disappointed me what happened with One More Day – I am still not over it. (I ditched the book after OMD). Anyway one of my favorite series is Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane but I’ll get to that later.

When I saw this statue for the first time – I knew I had to have it. So now I do. I picked it up off a fellow statue-marveller and it arrived today!

It is number 812 of 900.

It is the Exclusive version – which comes with the Adam Hughes print. 

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