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I finally sat down and watched Fringe. And it is great, great television. While The X-Files was a much loved phenomenon, Mulder and Scully were for the most part fairly unlikable characters; both lonely orphan’s roaming the world, and the paranormal, looking for answers that never came. I was a huge X-Files fan; but I must […]

I stayed up until 2am in order to secure the Exclusive version. For an extra $10 and a little sleepless effort I will be the proud owner of this name plate: I woke up the next morning (about 8am) and checked the site again – Exclusive version was SOLD OUT! I am guessing the edition […]

This got delivered today – Maestro Hulk by Bowen Designs! A lot has been lauded about the base which includes a number of heroes’ masks and weapons – if you want a better explanation look no further than here. Honestly I just like the idea of a future, bearded Hulk roaming the land in the […]

Sideshow have released full images on their production blog. It’s just awesome. It was really unexpected that they produced this when the Premium Format got a production design image reveal – and I can’t believe how quickly it moves – announced, revealed and pre-ordering all within a week. although then the long wait ’til Q4 […]

Jaws is one of my top three favorite movies of all time – it is shear cinematic brilliance. So when I saw this – I had to have it! It is the  three-dimensional representation of one of the greatest movie posters ever; created by McFarlane Toys and released way back in November 2006. Bruce (‘the Shark’) […]

Awesome! It gives me great pleasure to be announcing that Sideshow Collectibles have finally put up details of the ‘other’ Colossus project they are working on – a Legendary Scale Bust! There’s going to be a  full product reveal in the Sideshow Production Blog on May 25th.

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Last week I picked up the following smaller items – another Marvel Bearz Colossus. This time it was merely a (slightly scuffed) Gold one. Also picked up a couple more Heroclix – something I know nothing about – I think there are only three Colossus ones; the one I have and the two below.This is Ultimate […]

The Marvel Select line is getting better and better. With the Thing, Hulk, Abomination and now Juggernaut they are really working hard to produce the brawlers with awesome sculpts in scale. Previously in many cases the larger figures were scaled down to average height – this Juggernaut is 7″ tall. Now all they need is a […]

Awesome – the first official pics of the Batman: Arkham Asylum action figures have been released. AA was a brilliant game for the XBOX 360 (and other consoles) and the sequel is due this Winter in time for Christmas. The four figures in wave 1 (I assume there will be subsequent waves) look great – though not sure […]