Latest MXD Haul


My latest MXD shipment arrived. Still no Colossus. And a disappointing realisation: the packs of 10 aren’t randomly packed – I opened a new set of cyan discs to find the exact same cyan ones I already own. Not cool.

However I did get the Hulk Launcher Twin Pack which had some cool new ones:

003. Doc Ock (Purple)
012. Apocalypse (Purple)
033. Hulk (Green – Special Edition)
034. Thor (Purple)
062. Psylocke (Purple)
078. Thanos (Purple)
080. Mandarin (Purple)
081. Avalanche (Purple)
082. Fusion (Purple)
083. Capt Britain (Purple)
085. Enchantress (Purple)
086. Cyclops (Green)
091. Doop (Green)
092. Namor (Green)
093. Magus (Green)
094. The Orphan (Green)
096. Jackal (Green)
097. Hydro-Man (Green)
098. Ghost Rider (Green)
178. Silver Surfer (Green)

As usual updated master checklist here.

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