Pack’Em, Whack’Em, Stack’Em!


Got two MXD Launchers in the post today (shipped all the way from Oz).

Getting to see the packaging up close we can deduce a bit more about the line — it looks like there are four varieties of launcher: Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk and The Fantastic Four.

The X-Men Launcher pack has three visible yellow discs: Rogue, Wolverine and Professor X. Fingers crossed Colossus is in there!

The Fantastic Four Launcher pack has three visible light blue discs: Thing, Human Torch and Franklin Richards.

Ok – opening now…

(2 minutes later)

Nope – no Colossus – not in there. But did pick up the following:

016. Gambit (Yellow)
017. Thing (Light Blue – Special Edition)
018. Mr. Fantastic (Light Blue)
019. Human Torch (Light Blue)
020. Invisible Woman (Light Blue)
021. Franklin Richards (Light Blue)
022. Dr. Doom (Light Blue)
023. Carnage (Light Blue)
024. Juggernaut (Light Blue)
036. Mojo (Light Blue)
038. Hammerhead (Yellow)
039. Red Ghost (Light Blue)
049. Professor X (Yellow)
050. Storm (Yellow)
051. Wolverine (Yellow – Special Edition)
052. Phoenix (Yellow)
053. Rogue (Yellow)
054. Mystique (Yellow)
056. Hyperion (Yellow)
057. Magneto (Yellow)

I’ve updated the master checklist here.

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