Sideshow: Sentinel Vs X-Men Diorama #1


OK. It’s time.

The Holy Grail.

Yes I own it… and not just the regular statue; the exclusive – the one that lights up – the one limited to 650 worldwide. Yep. That one. In fact look at these promotional shots of easily the most impressive statue I own:

Now, I’ll admit it, I was uber late to the party on this and paid top dollar for it. It was a LOT of money to cough up and splurge out. But splurge I did. And really this is what saved the Colossus Collection from oblivion. Without this statue in it, really it was all pointless.

I picked this up brand new – not even opened for ‘checking’ – from a reputable dealer about a year ago. It then sat in its Sideshow packing box for another six months until I finally got a place to set it up. (Awesome collection pics will surface one of these days)

I won’t bore you with the specification details — Sideshow do a great job here.

2 Responses to “Sideshow: Sentinel Vs X-Men Diorama #1”

  1. Hey. This is awesome. I’m a Colossus fan as well and have a pretty fair amount of statues of Colossus. I’ll write more when I can. I’m glad you were able to score this piece. I totally lucked out and got this statue when it first came out. A word of caution though. I don’t know how this happened but the lights to my Sentinel head stopped working entirely. Everything else lights up but the Sentinel head. I have to contact Sideshow about this. I’ll let you know what I find out. This statue is awesome either way and my favorite of them all. Dean

    • 2 Butler

      Hello Sir – It is awesome… in fact it is still one of my favorites – if not my most favourite piece in the collection.

      To be honest I’ve only had the lights on once or twice – I hope you can get your statue fixed. Good Luck!

      Butler out.

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