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I didn’t even stop to take a photo of the Hulk Single Launcher and the only noteworthy disc I got was 040. The Punisher (Green). Will add the new 10 to the master list.

Latest MXD Haul


My latest MXD shipment arrived. Still no Colossus. And a disappointing realisation: the packs of 10 aren’t randomly packed – I opened a new set of cyan discs to find the exact same cyan ones I already own. Not cool. However I did get the Hulk Launcher Twin Pack which had some cool new ones: 003. […]

The Koto line has so many variants – 3 Phoenix, 2 Rogue, 2 Black Widow already.  I do wish they just concentrate on getting more unique product out there. They have released images of the San Diego Comic-Con 2010 Exclusive: White Phoenix. The regular version(s) are the green costume and the red dark phoenix costume.

Yes. This is still a blog about Colossus collectibles… but I bought this today. If you absolutely, positively need some sort of connection… here goes… Colossus is a silvery color and so is this fan. Like all dyson products it is expensive and clever. It does exactly what is says on the box – it multiplies the […]



I really enjoyed this story when I first read it in The Complete Spider-Man (which was giant-size monthly reprinting of Spider-Man, Amazing Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man and Spectacular Spider-Man for the UK market). I sought out the individual issues (69 and 70) and picked up the Spider-Hulk figure on ebay. I think the one I got […]

Got two MXD Launchers in the post today (shipped all the way from Oz). Getting to see the packaging up close we can deduce a bit more about the line — it looks like there are four varieties of launcher: Spider-Man, X-Men, Hulk and The Fantastic Four. The X-Men Launcher pack has three visible yellow discs: […]

This arrived in the mail today – been looking out for one of these for ages but found them for sale at Urban Collector. Along with many others, I was utterly disappointed with X3. While Colossus’ role was increased slightly; the coolness exuded in X2 was all gone – mainly due to the revamped look: I suppose at least the bust looks like […]

This is a bit different. I saw this online a couple of years ago but only picked it up recently. (Giant-Size X-Men #1 was Colossus’ first appearance) This type of 3D aspect works really well with this particular cover but up close it shows its lack of quality- though it was a fairly inexpensive addition. […]

Got this through the mail today. I desperately want to open it to see the launcher (never seen one before) and see what the three discs might be… Colossus could be one of them! However I am going to keep it sealed for now as I might never get another promo pack.  The search continues… I’ve […]