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I’m a big fan of film director and funny man Kevin Smith and am trying to put together a collection of his variant inaction figures by Graffiti Designs. I am finding it hard to find a definitive list (the following is a work in progress) -so I am making my own with pics! If I’ve missed […]

Sideshow Toys have leaked some information and images: “At least two Colossus products are currently in development, one in sculpture and one in design.” [Source] [Image Source] “… the Colossus currently in development is approximately 1:5 scale. Yes, it is likely that Cyclops will see release in the future in a complementary scale to your favorite Russian, […]

Picked this up in my local TRU store a while back. While Colossus only made brief appearances in the show it is always nice to see him getting his own AF.  Colossus was released in Wave 1. And included in subsequent waves but there does not appear to be any variants. Packaged with an iron bar.

I purchased this ridiculous (and presumably non-licensed) item from an Argentinian seller on ebay:

I’ve pre-ordered this: Interestingly One2One studios is based in the UK.



Hard to believe I haven’t posted here for so long (apart from last night). So why the big gap? And why come back? When I created this blog I wasnt working and I had lots of free time – posting with updates and photos was easy. Since I started my current job almost 2 years […]

Finally the next wave of Marvel Universe figures is announced and Colossus is one of them. It is beautiful — much prefer this over the Wolverine Comic Series ones. Great head sculpt. Will definitely be picking this up along with Juggernaut and Archangel — seen here.