Baltimore Comic Con 2009


If you are quick and look really closely I can be seen in this video!

Here’s what I posted on the message board I belong to…

Post #1

At the hotel for a rest, but about to head back… this morning I met Bendis and got some stuff signed, saw SonnyLarue, Lord Jermaine Retail (I think that was him chatting to Oeming)… had a quick chat with Sean McKeever, met Greg Horn, shooted round the stalls and picked up Batman n’ Son Batman for 10 bucks. Great show so far…

Post #2

Just back… saw the Powers Panel and then the Mondo Marvel… the nerdy questions were many. Claremont looked throughly bored. Brian’s voice is going. But it was all good fun…

Got to chat with John Siuntres afterwards – what a really cool guy.

Picked up some free swag at the DC stand.

There were some great costumes too… a few Black Canary’s, an Emma Frost, bunch of Blade’s, Wolverine’s and Harley Quinn’s. Didn’t take a single pic… maybe tomorrow.

This is my first ever con and it is really awesome to walk the halls and see so many great people from the industry. Cant wait to do it all again tomorrow!

Post #3

Only went for a few hours this morning… wanted to speak to Frank Cho and thought I’d get him to sign something (but I have nothing with me – this is the most disorganised week of my life)… so hoked around the comic boxes of many vendors looking for Shanna #1 or something with a Cho Cheesecake Babe on it… after half an hour I got fed up, through up the head, said “Fuck it” and headed to his table to just say Hi. Well.. what an embarassing situation for the both of us… I mumbled (think Milton in Office Space) some shit about space babes – he just looked at me – until he twigged that I was talking about 50 Girls 50 (and I do know he isnt doing the art) but I got into a whole line of talk about him drawing space babes… cringe worthy nerdy nastiness!

Anyway I bought some more swag… stared at Neal Adams for a bit – the man’s a Legend… oogled some of the hot chicks… and then headed for a well deserved lunch. *nods* Good times.

The Con was awesome. Definitely want to attend another one soon… and hopefully be more organized about what filler comics I want etc.

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