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Nice little statue this… arrived yesterday by courier… number 639 of 4000. I am still looking for the painted mini and the fullsize chrome!

Animation Cel


This is an real animation cel from Pryde Of The X-Men cartoon. It is pretty nice because it is Piotr in his X-Men costume. Shame they didn’t finish this head though.   This was a nightmare to obtain from ebay – the seller really gave me the run-around, and it wasn’t cheap… but it is a […]

This is the regular cover by Cassaday.

I picked this up in last weeks comic haul. Warren Ellis and Simone Bianchi are taking over Astonishing X-Men with #25 and this sketchbook is a nice preview of whats to come. Bianchi has redesigned all the costumes, Colossus probably getting the biggest make-over: I urge you to pick this up – there is some […]

The delivery guy turned up at about 4 o’clock with this… the latest purchase – the Chrome version of the John Cassaday inspired Astonishing Colossus. My first chrome version, this is number 299 of 500. It is very shiny!  

I was in the LCS and they had these reduced in price, I picked up two of Storm/Colossus and one of Juggernaut/Beast. Kept the better condition Storm/Colossus sealed and opened the others. Here is Colossus loose:

Part of the UNSTOPPABLE story arc, issue 23 had a Colossus Variant by John Cassaday. It is a nice drawing, but I am not sure why they went with the two-tone style, I think I would have liked it better inked properly. Anyway, any cover with Colossus is pretty cool, this one is no exception.

Loose II


My local comic shop were selling off the remaining Super Hero Squad two-packs – so I picked this up for two bucks and opened it up (the packaging was pretty beat up). I gave Angel away to my nephew and Colossus is now sitting on top of my pc 🙂

These are pretty weird little… statues. Part of some Marvel ‘Power’ game, you buy the box not knowing which character you got. I bought the Colossus on ebay, so that I didn’t have to buy loads in the off chance I get Big C. There are clear crystal versions as well which are rarer – […]