The Uncanny Dave Cockrum


Remember this:

The News Today
March 20, 2008 – 7:34 pm

Woke up this morning and the first thing I did was turn on the ‘puter. There, sitting in the inbox, was the first email regarding The Colossus Collection. And it was a doozy.

It was EXTRAordinary. Thats all I am going to say for now – in case things don’t work out.

Read the original post here.

Well today I get to reveal what that was all about – as the title suggests – The Uncanny Dave Cockrum!

But the special thing is this. I emailed Clifford Meth who is handling Dave Cockrum’s comic estate, asking if he had something Colossus related from Dave. The return email said this:

We have a mint copy of THE UNCANNY DAVE COCKRUM with an original Colossus sketch bound into the book. Dave did very few of these. It is #100 of the 200 drawings that he did.

There was no option but to immediately send the money off and seize this unique opportunity. And so, a number of weeks later I have it in my possession.

Here it is. Number 100 of 200 – a genuine sketch of Colossus by the creator Dave Cockrum. Cool eh? This book is now the crown jewel of the Colossus Collection. Thanks to Cliff for all his help.

I have included some of the best Colossus drawings below. They are in thumb-nail-vision. If you want to see bigger versions – I urge you to buy the book – the proceeds go to Dave’s family.


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