Dark Phoenix Saga: Colossus


A huge box arrived today… looky…


I actually wasn’t sure what was in it – there’s been a lot of big boxes arriving at the house lately – mostly complete junk. But I was pleasantly surprised at this coming… purchased a week ago from amazon market-place for a huge chunk of change… it was the only place I could find it – dont think even ebay had one of these (at the time). The postage and packing was dirt cheap even if the statue wasnt… on to the opening…


The polystrene packing is a bit dinged up – but not too bad (it was purchased as new, but opened to inspect contents). The first thing is the embossed Colossus logo in the packing.


It takes a minute to remove all the sticky tape and the certificate of authenticity. And Colossus is revealed:


First thing I notice is he has no hands…


But that is quicky rectified… nice eh?


And last but not least, the all-important Certificate Of Authenticity. Number 1391 of 3000. “Signed” by the sculptor – Jeff Feligno. Pretty sure the number is written on in pen – but the signature is pre-printed – why do they even bother!


It is a great sculpt… And once I get the core collection built up – I may even look for Wolverine to complete the ‘Fastball Special’!

The official downloaded pic:


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